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standard Tribute to the Sydney siege fallen


Not a day goes by without a Muslim terrorist attack. Since 9/11 there have been over 24,600 Muslim terrorist attacks worldwide. No other political ideology has inflicted so much pain and suffering on innocent people.

Australia is in mourning after losing two heroes in the Lindt Cafe siege perpetrated by ISLAMIC monster Sheikh Haron, a former Iranian political refugee who arrived in Australia in 1996.
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standard Collectivism & why it matters to you


Contributed by a Party for Freedom

Collectivism is just another word for socialism whereby the needs of the group outweigh the needs of the many. This will be the first of many short essays on the topic of socialism, how it has affected societies in the past and the consequences that it may have on Australians in the future. This essay will focus on collectivism in past societies and how it leads to the complete destruction of culture, economies, and national identity. It is often said that people who do not learn from their past mistakes are doomed to repeat them. Collectivism is unnatural, unsustainable, and inevitably leads to totalitarianism where millions of people suffer and die for the perceived result of a workers’ utopia that destroys all forms of class as the ideologue Karl Marx stated so many years ago.
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standard The Order of the White Feather: Canberra has been served


The ‘Order of the White Feather’ was founded in August 1914, at the start of the First World War by Admiral Charles Fitzgerald. The purpose of the organisation was to encourage or shame men into enlisting in the British Army. Women would hand out white feathers to men in the hope of persuading them to enlist. The campaign was very effective, and spread throughout several other nations in the British Empire, including Australia.
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