standard South Africa’s white genocide, why is the world silent?


The world held high hopes for the new ‘rainbow nation’ of South Africa two decades ago when apartheid rule ended in 1994. On the 27th April 1994, Nelson Mandela’s ANC (African National Congress) defeated then standing President and leader of the National Party F.W. de Klerk, ushering in a new political reality, but many black and white South Africans had reservations about black rule.
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standard ‘Living with the Enemy’ The Untold Story!


You are invited to hear Nick Folkes speak about his involvement in episode three of ‘Living with the Enemy,’ on the topic of immigration, which recently screened on SBS TV. Each episode of the six part series covered a controversial issue. The third episode on Immigration was probably the most emotional and explosive of all the episodes in the whole series.

Nick Folkes, Chairman of Party for Freedom and Abe Nouk, a Sudanese refugee lived together for 10 days in a cross-cultural experience. The first 5 days were spent in Nick’s world in Sydney, then the following 5 days were spent in Abe’s world in Melbourne. Both Nick and Abe explored each other’s world, creating confrontational television in the process.
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