Haiti Trip

2010 has so far been a very busy, productive and fruitful year with thousands of lives being impacted by God. 


Our trip to Haiti was a very fruitful time in delivering support to Churches affected by the earthquake early this year. Not only were we able to deliver much needed support but we were also able to minister to the Pastors and Churches in a time of great crisis. Many people in Haiti commented that we were the first Australians they had ever seen and it was great to explain to them that numbers of Churches had partnered with us to support them and that many people in Australia were praying for them and their nation. 

Through the LIFE to HAITI project in partnership with individuals, businesses and Churches we were able to do the following:

  • Financially Support Pastors and their families.
  • Support the Rebuilding of Schools.
  • Support students and their families.
  • Provide clothing, shoes and temporary shelters.
  • Support the rebuilding of a Church destroyed in the Earthquake.
  • Provide support for a family where the Father who was a Pastor was killed in the earthquake.
  • Support a Pastor in planting a new Church in Port-au-Prince
  • Minister to thousands of local people in the Churches.
  • Meet with local Pastors to discuss strategies for long term help and support.
  • Capture film to create visual media to raise awareness for the needs in Haiti.

We are planning our next visit to Haiti with the possibility of holding a conference with Pastors and Leaders to minister God’s love and power.

June – December

So far this year we have had so many great opportunities to minister overseas and around Australia and for the rest of the year it is going to be jam packed. We have ministry trips to Kenya, South Africa, Indonesia, Haiti, USA, Philippines, New Zealand and of course around Australia. We would love it if you would pray for us as we prepare for the rest of year.

Camping Party

Evangelist Chris Hope is passionate about camps and believes strongly that camp meetings are the best environment for people to be touched by God. There is something powerful about people going away for  2 – 4 days to seek the face of God. There is such a hunger and expectancy to see God move and very often lives are touched and transformed.

In relation to youth ministry, camps are wonderfully effective. When youth come together for a few days to seek God there is a sense of freedom that propels them to go deeper with God. Quite often the ministry is so deep that young people experience God’s healing power as the Holy Spirit reverses the work of the enemy and brings restoration to their lives.

Leadership Retreats 

Each year Unique Reapers sets up leadership retreats for Churches and Youth Ministries. These retreats are not just focused on developing the skills of a leader but rather are focused on seeing the leaders ministered to and touched by the power of the Holy Spirit. It is a time for the leadership that so often pours out to receive ministry for themselves and experience a refreshing touch by God. God often uses this opportunity to speak to the leadership and bring refined direction which empowers them to go to the next level. Leadership retreats will usually last 1 – 2 nights.
Ps Chris has a passion and an anointing for many areas of ministry ranging from Camps, Crusades, Workshops, Teenage Youth Ministry, High Schools and Universities. Click on the above links to find out more.