Border Protection

Main points:

  • Australia to withdraw from UN Protocol on Refugees.
  • Party for Freedom supports moves to re-establish offshore processing.
  • Instant deportation of illegal aliens who arrive without identification.
  • No access to taxpayer funded legal aid.

The Party for Freedom proposes that Australia withdraw from the UN Refugee Convention, as it has strayed away from its original values and has instead become a legal blunt instrument that is being used to hurt Australia. The Convention was established in 1951 to facilitate resettlement of genuine European refugees affected by World War Two. However, the modern refugee influx is based more upon economic aspirations rather than genuine political persecution, and therefore the UN Convention on Refugees is largely irrelevant.

The Party for Freedom supports offshore processing, as a prelude to resettling refugees in countries that are better suited to their cultural predilections. Those who fraudulently claim to be refugees should not be rewarded by giving them access to Australian citizenship or taxpayer funded benefits. Disingenuous refugees will be returned to their country of origin, to their country of last embarkation, or to a culturally compatible country. The Australia authorities should work with the international community to distribute arrivals based on their cultural compatibility with each country. Therefore, for example, Muslim arrivals would be directed to Muslim countries, whilst those with a Buddhist or a secular outlook would be directed to countries with similar values.

Stopping the refugee racket

It has become apparent that there is a practice amongst various so-called refugees of destroying their identity documents, so as to make it harder for the authorities to deal with them, under the belief that they are more likely to be received by a compassionate host country, exploited by elements in the legal and social justice fraternities which are often derisively described as the compassion industry. But one may be forgiven for regarding these mouthpieces for refugees as no more than profiteers and opportunists.

We believe that, in such circumstances, the onus of proof of their claims should then fall more upon the shoulders of such “refugees”; refugee status should not be awarded to those who arrive after having destroyed their identity documentation.

Asylum seekers or illegal aliens who claim refugee status when reaching Australia, passing by or through several other countries, have clearly changed in status from refugees to economic immigrants. Those claiming asylum seeker status, after having bypassed or travelled through a number of other safe havens, are committing moral fraud. The Party believes that people who commit moral fraud should not be rewarded and should instead be swiftly deported without access to taxpayer-funded legal aid. The Party believes that people who commit fraud should not be rewarded.

The Party recognises that many so-called refugees, in their attempt to enter Australia as economic immigrants, will use devious tactics to circumvent their rejection, including destruction of their passports and identity documentation, that results in the expenditure of millions of taxpayer dollars to continually dispute and drag out immigration department determinations, to the extent of going through that process for years, with some then even claiming that as they have been in Australia for years, that they then should then be allowed to stay. With this problem in mind, it is intended to provide no taxpayer-funded legal aid or representation to enable or encourage so-called refugees to appeal deportation orders. Bearing in mind that many Australian battlers are rejected from having government-funded legal aid, it is patently unjust that that Australian citizens should not receive the full benefit of legal aid funds for the sake of illegal immigrants.

The legal fraternity and its minions who advocate publicly funded representation for illegal aliens have been actively working against the Australian people, pushing for the so called ‘human rights’ of illegal aliens. Their positioning has resulted in a multi-billion industry which is maintained for vested interests placing an economic burden on the Australian people.