Constitution Chapters

  1. Party for Freedom
  2. Mission Statement
  3. Party Membership
  4. Committee order & business
  5. Special general meeting
  6. Establishment of branches
  7. Endorsing candidates

1. Party For Freedom:

1.1. The Party for Freedom is a political party dedicated to building a patriotic, conservative alternative to the mainstream parties which use third world immigration either to build their electoral following, or to provide cheap labour for the business groups that fund them.

1.2 The Party will participate in cultural, political and social activities and promote discussion in order to secure the betterment and preservation of those who identify themselves as Australian.

1.3 The Constitution is the governing document of the Party and is the fundamental authority for all levels of Party activities, including but not limited to the Party name, ideals and goals. The federal party is the final authority for appeal from any offshoots associated with it as state or territory parties, or other bodies which desire to use the name.

1.4 The Constitution may be changed or amended as well as Constitutional changes may be made if such is accepted by an annual general meeting following the rules in the Constitution, additionally the Party Constitution may be changed on a 75% majority vote of the National Committee.

2. Mission Statement:

2.1 The objectives of the Party are dedicated to furthering the best interests of Australia and those who identify themselves as Australians.

2.2 The Party for Freedom is committed to traditional Australian family values, the protection of Australia’s independence including property rights; true democracy, wherein the electorate is genuinely represented in Parliament: and the rule of law. The Party for Freedom acknowledges and respects people who hold these values, who identify with the Australian way of life, who identify as Australian; whose primary allegiance is to Australia, regardless of any dual citizenship they hold; who acknowledge their debt to the British settlers who founded modern Australia, and to the British institutions, culture, customs and traditions that have sustained it; and who value the English language as its primary tool of communication.

2.3 The Party for Freedom rejects multiculturalism, and advocates an immigration policy based on cultural compatibility; where new migrants should not be sourced from countries or ethnicities in greater proportion than their current share of the population; rejects Islam as fundamentally incompatible with these values, and is committed to regaining control of Australia’s borders.

2.4 We promote and support Australian manufacturing industries; reject unnecessary taxes, like the carbon tax or mining tax or taxes used to support the living and legal costs of illegal immigrants; the Party values true free speech in all areas of political and public debate. We acknowledge the Australian Constitution and reject any treaty, document or organisational instrument which undermines it or its authority.

3. Party Membership:

3.1 The Party shall initiate a tiered membership system. Membership is open to all people registered on the Australia electoral role and of the age of 18 years or older.

3.2 Those outside Australia, who do not hold Australian citizenship or voting rights will be eligible to join the Party in the capacity of supporter.

3.3 Membership shall be for a period of one-year, starting at the date of membership approval, date of which shall appear on the party membership card, to be renewed for periods of one year.

3.4 Party membership may be revoked at any time on order of the Party without a reason being provided, at the discretion of the executive.

4. Committee order and business:

4.1 Committee meetings shall be held no less frequently than four times per year, in which Party decisions and other matters shall be dealt with according to usual business practices, as per an agenda compiled since the previous meeting, including matters raised for consideration at the previous meeting to be dealt with at the next meeting.

4.2 Party members will be notified prior to meetings no less than 7 days beforehand.

4.3 The Committee has seven Office Bearers including Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and three Ordinary Members.

4.4 The Office Bearers and Ordinary Members are elected at the annual general meeting.

4.5 In regard to Election Commission matters the Secretary shall be the responsible person.

4.6 The Party Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining accounts and other financial matters, including collection of receipts, validating approval of expenditure, and records pertaining there to.

4.7 Transactions and expenditure may only be authorised by at least two Party Office Bearers, excluding the treasurer.

4.8 The Treasurer will have no direct access to Party accounts or finances.

5. Special general meeting:

5.1 In all voting matters, including Constitutional changes, 75% of committee votes must be gained in order to alter the Constitution.

6. Establishment of State and Territory branches:

6.1 On application from any state or territory, the Federal Executive may authorise establishment of state or territory branches.

6.2 A branch of the Party may be established on application to the parent group, in each state or territory.

6.3 In all instances, no application shall be sent for final approval without Federal Executive approval.

6.4 National Committee reserves the right to dissolution of subordinate branches without right of appeal.

7. Endorsing candidates:

7.1 The Federal and State executives are specifically prohibited from nominating local candidates for elections.

7.2 Branch members have the right to nominate their choice of local candidates; however the endorsement of candidates shall be carried-out by the national committee of the Party. The Party shall have the right to invalidate endorsement of candidates as it sees fit.

7.3 Candidates and office bearers shall consent to undertake various background checks, including and not limited to federal and state police.