Crime and Justice

Main Points

  • The Party calls for zero tolerance of ethnic criminal gangs by Police and the court system.
  • The Party calls for low to medium security prisons to be turned into privately run factories for import replacement.

Law enforcement agencies require increased resources and need less red tape in general. There must be a zero-tolerance approach to ethnic gangs engaging in organised crime, especially for young offenders. Cultural understanding must not be considered a mitigating factor in sentencing criminals.

The justice system suffers from the practice of sentencing criminals based on their prospects of rehabilitation and/or his or her human rights. The Party instead proposes the simple principle, on which is based much of common law, of giving criminals what they deserve. Society does not send murderers and rapists to prison with a main view to “rehabilitation”, but instead to punish them for the evils they have committed.

The Party for Freedom believes that prisoners should be ‘working for their keep’. Prisons should not just be a place for prisoners to rest and relax, but also a place for them to contribute towards their upkeep. Whilst prisoners do have basic rights (such as not to be intimidated, tortured, or otherwise maltreated), they have also lost most of their citizenship rights by breaking the law in a particularly bad way (as opposed to minor traffic violations), and therefore they should not expect to be pampered in the prison environment.

Therefore the Party proposes turning low to medium security prisons into import replacement factories. The Party supports initiatives to encourage private industry to build small to medium sized factories adjacent to prison facilities to enable convicts an opportunity to repay their debts to society and victims.

The prisoner will receive a wage for his or her employment with a view to repaying victims of crime.